Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brainard Lake Breeze - The High Country Awaits!

Last Saturday I rode the Brainard Lake Breeze permanent populaire: up Super-James to Brainard Lake and down Lefthand Canyon, thirty miles of coasting.  Here's the report from that great ride ...
Spring is (finally?) in the air!  The birds are singing, the trees are bursting with fresh leaves, Lefthand Creek is gushing ...
... and they've plowed the Brainard Lake Road past the barricade and around the lake.  (Remember all the snow we got down here in April?  They got some up there, too.)

It's true the Brainard "extra-credit" roads, up to Long Lake and Mitchell Lake trailheads, are not plowed.  What's the point?  The trails won't be footworthy for some time.

But they're certainly ski- and snowshoe worthy, as you see a collection of mountain bikes parked at the verge of snow, where riders have secured them and donned snowfaring equipment. 
Whether it's AT skiing down Mt. Toll or snowshoeing the Little Raven Trail, plenty of late-season fun to be had.

It will be a while, however, before hiking boots head up the Niwot Cutoff (one of our favorites) ... or we have to heed the mountain lion and bear warnings.

It was a brilliant, sunny day.  Time for a bit of attire adjustment for the initial descent, while a sandwich is consumed in this realm of nature.

The Indian Peaks have plenty of snow.  Most of Brainard Lake is still iced over, but a few anglers were already plying their hobby.  Whether biking, fishing, or skiing, all great excuses to  be up here!

This is a wonderful time to get into the High Country, with its pristine views, and the profound quietude before the summer crowds arrive.  Think about working a mountain permanent into your late-spring plans!

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