Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two New 400k Routes

As you know, last year's floods affected canyons used by the Lefthand 400k and St. Vrain 400k loops.  Several events are affected:

400k/600k on May 17
400k on June 7
400k/600k/1000k on June 21

So here are a couple of ideas for new 400k routes we could use this year.

Black Forest 400k

This is an idea from Charlie Henderson, based on the Black Forest 300k route with a 100k round-trip spur from Elbert to Bennett.  The Black Forest and Back 200k Permanent previews that spur (in reverse).

This route has some benefits, and some challenges, including a 100k climb, quite possibly into the wind, from the turnaround point and course low point in Bennett.

Rustic 400k

The Rustic route has the familiar plains start of our 400k's and 600k's, followed by access to Poudre Canyon via Stove Prairie.  (If that road hasn't reopened in time, we can take Horsetooth Reservoir.)  This is followed by a spur to Livermore.  

These sections have high scenic value, but also some traffic.  As this is a Louisville start, the route could be used for the 600k's and the 1000k.

Let me know what you think!  Alternate ideas are welcome, too.


P.S. The 1000k may have increased interest this year, as it did in 2010, because of the ACP's pre-registration policy for Paris-Brest-Paris.  So we certainly would like to offer a scenic and enticing 1000k for our guests.  The third loop (up Big Thompson Canyon, and down via Devil's Gulch) will also need some attention or a substitute.

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  1. They both look pretty decent although Rustic would get my vote. The route looks more interesting.