Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stove Prairie Saunter 200k - Great Winter Climbing!

It's a bright, clear, cheerful start to an early-season Stove Prairie Saunter. 
This is a good climbing ride to do early on - despite its stiff pithces - because it is largely south-facing, so you don't have the snow and ice buildup on the roadway as in our east-west canyons ... or the Frigidaire effect!
The Flatirons are flecked with recent snow:
After a hotdog stop at Sandy's in Loveland, it's on past Masonville, where the northfacing cliffs on Buckhorn Road only show flecks of snow.

After the first couple of attention-getting climbs, we descend into the narrow Buckhorn Gulch area, where it's winter riding because of the shadows.
Some neighboring cattle are enjoying the sunny side of the street.

I had not been up the Stove Prairie road since last summer's fire.  The burnt timbers were accentuated by snow ground cover.


As the climb continued, it really was the ideal situation: beautiful snow-covered terrain but dry, clear roads.

The frozen pond at the edge of Stove Prairie adds to the feeling of chilliness - that and the brisk headwind.

Welcomed by the familiar Stove Prairie School sign at the summit!

Hard not to enjoy a ride like this - brilliant sunshine, white snow, and a good climb!


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