Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cathy Cramer on UMCA Homepage!

Our friend and fellow Colorado rando Cathy Cramer is featured on the homepage of the newly reworked Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) website.  You can also go directly to the Cathy's story.

Why are these folks smiling? Find out in the article!

Normally this blog features randonneuring news and stories, but I thought you might enjoy this one, about one of our riders.  It's a good read.  There are several photos ... including one of the pace animal. 

You may find kindred experiences - I did!


P.S. This  illustrates the longtime crossover between the rando and ultra worlds.  (One example: UMCA co-founder and Race Across America (RAAM) victor Lon Haldeman was ultra liaison to the US rando organization and organized Randonneurs USA brevets at PAC Tour Desert Camp and Wisconsin Brevet Week.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Summery Fall 200k!

The final brevet of the season, the James Canyon Jaunt 200k, took place under brilliant skies with summery temps into the 80's.  No one was complaining!

A good turnout, 19 randos lined up on Dillon Road:

The Jamestown checkpoint info question was what entertainment was being offered at the Mercantile.  Usually, that's written on this blackboard, but this time the entertainment was a 438-pound prizewinning pumpkin.

Brian Rapp, fresh back from Paris-Brest-Paris, is memorialized with the pumpkin:

Cathy Cramer displays her brevet card, with the Jamestown info:

Heather Mierzejewski, Mike DiPando, Lloyd Jones, Charles Hutchinson on the Rd. 12 climb  - John Guala photo:

The beginnings of peak foliage in James Canyon and Lefthand Canyon:

Along the Paradise Valley reservoir - John Guala photo:

Lots of water at Great Falls:

... and all in all, a fine day enjoyed by everyone!

I hope you've enjoyed the season, and to the new riders on this brevet, a big welcome!

Remember we still have many jewel-like days, with fine weather we may not see again until May of next year.  So consider riding some Permanents, and hooking up with others who may wish to join you!

-john lee