Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time for the Brainard Lake Breeze 100k!

The roads are clear. The temps are welcoming at 10,000 ft. It's time to ride the refreshing Brainard Lake Breeze again!

Lefthand Canyon reconstruction between Olde Stage and James Canyon Drive is shaping up, and that stretch is open on the weekends.

Still a cliff or two left to demolish.

When this reconstruction is done, this lower section of Lefthand Canyon Drive will be more sweeping, open, and park-like. Still fun to ride, though!

When I rode this perm on Sunday, June 12, Brainard was still barricaded at the main entrance, but plowed up the road and around the lake (except for this dam of snow).

Biggest roadside snowdrifts near Niwot Cutoff Trailhead.
(But the trails are in snowshoe or posthole condition.)

A convenient place to lean your bike while having a sandwich!

* * *
Same location, May 21.

* * *
And on May 1, on skis.

Still, you could find your way around with this helpful signage.

Back then the lake was frozen and snowed over.

Enough open water for anglers by late May.

And fully open now.

* * *

A good trickle of cyclists now wend their way to Brainard for a refreshing break.
A good time to join them!