Saturday, February 15, 2014

Carter Lake Cake Walk Permanent #999

To me, riding a permanent in February is the most difficult month to complete such a ride.  With February being the shortest month of the year,  coupled with unpredictable weather leaving the roads marginally passable, work schedules, and most importantly family commitments, it is a challenge to one's dedication and perseverence.

I was able to complete the Carter Lake Cake Walk on February 8th despite predominantly wet sandy roads, while other roads had large snow packed segments.  At times, I was wishing I had ridden my Surley snow bicycle.

Although this was my second slowest 200K ride ever, I was quite pleased to now be a quarter of the way to an R-12 award on my third attempt at this award.  I marvel at those who have strung together multiple consecutive R-12 awards, which I consider a truly remarkable achievement!!

Eldorado Springs was cold in the morning shadows.

Road 29 was washed away by last Fall's flooding (note missing road prior to left side of bridge) requiring a detour to Masonville.

The northern most point of the ride was at least sunny, and NOT the snowiest point of the ride.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

2013 Thanks and Congratulations!

We'd like to recognize these Colorado riders for accomplishments in 2013, and thank our volunteers on the brevets, populaires, and 1200k's for their service!

Super Randonneurs
The ACP Super Randonneur award recognizes finishing a 200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k brevet in one year.

Cathy Cramer
Bob Dean
John Lee Ellis
John Flanigan
Paul Foley
Ronaele Foss
Tom Knoblauch
John Mangin
Tammie Nakamura
Ray Rupel
Catherine Shenk
Laurie Stanton
Mark Stanton
Dick Wiss

Laurie Stanton

The RUSA R-12 award recognizes riding a 200km or longer randonnée in each of twelve consecutive months.

Cathy Cramer
John Lee Ellis
Steve Le Goff
Peter Hoff
Catherine Shenk
Vernon Smith

Ray Rupel

The RUSA P-12 award recognizes riding a 100km to 199km randonnée in each of twelve consecutive months.

John Lee Ellis
Emily Warm
Ted Warm

Grand Randonnées (1200k+)

There is now quite a good selection of Grand Randonnées, and it's nice to see that these folks are up for the challenge - and the variety!
  • Bob Bruce - Taste of Carolina
  • Cathy Cramer - Shenandoah
  • John Lee Ellis - Gold Rush Randonnée (CA), Big Wild Ride (AK)
  • John Flanigan - Taste of Carolina
  • Paul Foley - Texas Rando Stampede
  • Tom Knoblauch - Gold Rush Randonnée (CA), Colorado Last Chance
  • Tammie Nakamura - Taste of Carolina
  • Catherine Shenk - Gold Rush Randonnée (CA)
  • Vernon Smith - Texas Rando Stampede, Taste of Carolina
Tom Knoblauch at the Gold Rush


Thanks to our fine volunteers who through their dedication enable us to put on an extensive schedule of events!
  • Paul Foley - Brevet Leader
  • Tom Foss - Registration
  • Carol Gerber - Finance
  • Beth Long - Brevet Leader
  • Brent Myers - Brevet Leader
  • Tammie Nakamura - Brevet and Populaire Leader
  • Vernon Smith - Brevet Designer/Leader
Tammie Nakamura
 Last Chance 1200k Volunteers
Despite the September flood that was occurring as the event unfolded, riders persevered, helped in no small part by our tireless Last Chance volunteers.
  • Cathy Cramer - Atwood
  • John Lee Ellis - various
  • Tom Foss - Registration and Finish
  • Carol Gerber - Finance
  • Scott Griffith - Atwood ... and Detour Research
  • Patricia Heller - Volunteer Planning and Finish
  • Charlie Henderson - Lodging, Logistics, and Course Monitor
  • Beth Long - Byers
  • Brent Myers - Byers
  • Tammie Nakamura - Anton and the wilderness
  • Satish Patki - Atwood
  • Dan Shields - Vital Supplies and Planning
  • Laurie Stanton - Finish
We hope this past year was rewarding for you, whatever your goals, and that you are cooking up some great goals and plans for 2014!