Monday, June 26, 2023

CFR 1200 Report #3 - Glen Haven (Stage 2)

 Scenes from Stage 2 - Glen Haven

Dustin Harding photos from Glen Haven

Deciding how many delicious cinnamon rolls to buy.

Vernon Smith resting comfortably ...

... and Vernon heading back down the canyon.

Over the halfway point!


Saturday, June 24, 2023

CFR 1200 Report #2 - Lefthand at Sawmill Rd.

 Colorado Front Range 1200 - Report #2

Brilliant sun, but brisk winds climbing Lefthand Canyon!

Turnaround before the stiff climb up to Ward.
A smile at turning around here?

Roger Peskett descending Lefthand Canyon.
Sawmill Rd. is upper right in picture.

Pascal Ledru lending some ride insights.

Mike Turek vying with Miluna for a snack item.

Pascal, Mark Thomas, Mike, and Patrick Chin-Hong

Peeling out for a fast descent!

Winds supposed to diminish later today, with a tailwind coming back from Wellington.

Will be cross-posting on the CFR Blog.

- - -