Monday, June 4, 2012

A Flurry of New Perms to Try Out!

This year has brought new Permanents and Permanent Populaires for you to ride, ranging from the Carter Lake Casual 101k ... to the more vertical Rist Canyon Rendezvous 200k ... to the fairly epic Trail Ridge 200k (part of the Colorado Six Pack).

Raymond, CO, on the "Boulder Loves Raymond" Perm Populaire

With these new perms, we welcome a new Permanent Owner, our friend Michelle Grainger ([MG] below), who is starting things off with three routes!

Permanent Populaires - From a little to a lot of climbing, scenic metric centuries perfect for a partial-day's outing and credit towards the RUSA P-12 award:
  • Carter Lake Casual (101km) - North Boulder up the Carter Lake switchbacks and back.  [MG]
  • Boulder Loves Raymond (101km) - North Boulder up St. Vrain Canyon to Raymond and back.  [MG]
  • Brainard Lake Breeze (101km) - Niwot through Jamestown, up to Brainard Lake, and down Lefthand Canyon.
Springtime at Brainard Lake

Local 200k's -
  • Boulder Estes Boomerang (201km) - North Boulder up Big Thompson Canyon and back. [MG]
  • Rist Canyon Rendezvous (204km) - Like the Stove Prairie 200k, but substituting the stiff climb up Rist Canyon (from the east).
Rist Canyon Rd. Summit

Colorado Six Pack - These are 200km+ point-to-point routes which Tim Foon Feldman has adapted from his Haute Route 1200k permanent.
  • Trail Ridge 200 (215km) - Louisville - Trail Ridge - Kremmling
  • Vail Ten 200 (201km) - Vail Pass - Tennessee Pass - Leadville
  • Independence 200 (236km) - Independence Pass - McClure Pass - Paonia
  • Black and Blue 200 (208km) - Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Blue Mesa Reservoir - Gunnison
  • King Trout 200 (202km) - Monarch Pass - Trout Creek Pass - Fairplay
  • Hoosier Love 200 (205km) - Hoosier Pass - Loveland Pass - Floyd Hill - Louisville
I've updated the Colorado Permanents page with details.  Many of these make great high-season rides, so start making your plans!