Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Grand Randonnée Round-Up for 2021!

It's only October and yet the snow has already been flying- so it's time to ponder and plan for next year!

This year's Grand Randonnée Round-Up for the US is easy to produce, because it's six of the eight Grand Randonnées scheduled for 2020. All of the six were cancelled, so they're coming back for a second try (including ours!). Of the other two, one actually took place in 2020, sans RUSA sanctioning, and the other isn't scheduled for 2021. I'm still flagging as  NEW  the ones whose inaugural edition will (hopefully) be in 2021.

The six US 1200k's scheduled for 2021:

July 12
July 14
August 1
September 16
Crater Lake  NEW September 17
Cracker SwampNovember 4

Foreign Grand Randonnées - The Randonneurs Mondiaux calendar for 2021 has not yet been published. After it is, I will update this space. Meanwhile, two Canadian Grand Randonnées are planned:

a BC Randonneurs 1200k (July 10)
the Manitoulin 1200k in Ontario (August 12)

- - -

If you are riding a Grand Randonnée, some awards for extra motivation:

Finish two US grand randonnées in the same year.

Finish four different US grand randonnées - over any number of years

Finish a US grand randonnée, a populaire, a team event, 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, and 1000k, and enough extra to add up to 5000 km in 24 months.

Finish PBP, another grand randonnée, a Super Randonnée 600, two Super-Randonneur series (with 1000k's), a Flèche, and other events within six years.

RM Challenge Lepertel  NEW 
A 1200 km or longer event in each of 4 consecutive calendar years.
Les Randonneurs Mondiaux has relaxed the requirement to complete a grand randonnée in each of four successive years. You can make up the year 2020 by riding an extra grand randonnée in a successive year.

And now some details on the US grand randonnées ...