Monday, October 22, 2018

Colorado Front Range 200km Dart 2018!

Photos from the Colorado Front Range 200km Dart
October 20, 2018

Teams Rando Rats and Les Avant Derniers
at the finish, Louisville

Team Wild Cats
Dustin Harding (capt.)
John Lee Ellis
Oksana Kovalenko
Marc Rundle
Vernon Smith

The Wild Cats visited Erie for coffee, Berthoud for lunch at the A&W, and Hygiene for tea time. Dustin added a scenic dirt section taking the back way into Berthoud, the other dirt section being Ogallala Rd. to avoid a road closure on 75th St.

 Oksana's Photos 

Ogallala Rd. + Twin Peaks

Marc Rundle, Dustin Harding, Vernon Smith

Dustin, Vernon, Marc, JLE

Carter Lake

Rd. 29

Hygiene Store

 JLE's Photos 

Cristo's Coffee - Erie
Vernon, Dustin, Oksana, Marc

Hygiene - Vernon, Oksana, Dustin, Marc

Coot Lake - Vernon, Dustin, Oksana, Marc

Team Les Avant Derniers
Pascal Ledru (capt.)
Paul Foley
Michelle Grainger
Steve Le Goff
Catherine Shenk

Les Avant Derniers are Team Lanternes Rouges with loftier ambitions. They visited Jamestown for brunch and Ft. Collins for a tasty lunch, where lanterne rouge rider Mike Turek visited on his birthday.

Team Rando Rats
John Mangin (capt.)
Nate Hartokolis
Jim Howell
Corinne Warren

Team Rando Rats headed north from Loveland to Owl Canyon and then into the scenic Red Mountain area, making for 22 miles of dirt.

Après Dart Dinner
Murphy's Taproom, Louisville