Monday, October 25, 2010

Boston-Montreal-Boston Permanent in 2011!

Boston-Montreal-Boston was America's first 1200k.  From 1988 through 2006 it attracted many an avid rider, up for the challenge of Mount Terrible, Andover Ridge, and Middlebury Gap.  As a three-time finisher, I can attest to the "charm" of the route.

BMB is now offered as the BMB Permanent.  So far one rider has completed it (solo!).  Next August - about the time BMB was normally held - our friend and BMB veteran Susan Plonsky is planning on riding the Permanent.  She invites others to apply to the Permanent Owner (Jennifer Wise, former BMB event director) to ride the Permanent at the same time. 

Though permanents can be ridden at any time (at the route owner's discretion) there are advantages to starting with a group. For example, you may find compatible partners to ride with, and group hotel rates can be arranged.

Just after topping Middlebury Gap near sunset on the first day of BMB'06.  Here are some accompanying photos.

Susan has created a blog with lots of info about BMB - the historical event and the permanent - and a way for interested riders to sign up and to communicate.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Colorado High Country 1200 Unveiled!

After PBP'07, les Randonneurs Mondiaux relaxed the rules so as to allow other 1200k's to be organized in a Paris-Brest-Paris year.  For the US, the result is five (yes, 5!) US 1200k's for your delectation next year, one a month from May through September.  You can check them out via the RUSA homepage.

Among those, the Colorado High Country 1200 may pique your interest, one of the "adventure" 1200k's (along with Alaska's Big Wild Ride).

More details ... and an interest list you can subscribe to ... will be following soon!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

James Canyon Jaunt 200k - Great First-Ever October Brevet!

This year's James Canyon Jaunt 200k was our first brevet edging into October ... to take advantage of what can be some very nice weather!  So it was on the day in question, coaxing 23 riders out of bed for an early start.  (The JJ was actually the first RUSA Colorado Permanent, and a scenic but not harrowing candidate for early October.)

Leaves are a bit past peak in the high country but are just starting to turn on the plains, as you see here near Hygiene:

Kelly Bergkessel, John Mangin, and Jane Yant pause for a photo op while looking for the answer to the info control in front of the Jamestown Mercantile: 

After a transit of Masonville and possibility of made-to-order burgers at Sandy's in Loveland, the ride continued its sunny and wind-friendly ways.  John Mangin and Peter Hoff were typically happy riders at the finish:

Tim Dodge led his gruppetto in for their ceremonial finish.  It's Tim's first ride of this distance since his tumble (and broken clavicle) on the 400k in June.  He rode this in good form on his tricked out, custom rando bike, complete with red fenders, red saddle, and de rigueur picnic-hamper sized handlebar bag.  Welcome back, Tim!

High-powered cyclists John Flanigan, Tim Dodge, Tom Knoblauch, and Jane Yant share the smiles after a congenial day spent taking it easy on the road:

This brevet was such a success, I've put it on the schedule for next year!   Crossed fingers that the weather cooperates as well as it did this time around. 

Meanwhile, it's a great incentive, as more than one rider pointed out, to go for the RUSA R-12 Award, as you've already gotten in your October ride!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remember to Vote!

A reminder to vote for the RUSA Board candidates of your choice.  The deadline is October 15.  You may find out about the candidates and vote by paper ballot from the latest issue of American Randonneur or here online.

As usual, a fine field of candidates, all dedicated to randonneuring and to Randonneurs USA, the organization that has done so much to promote randonneuring in the US and US randonneurs' interest abroad.


Colorado RBA ... and RUSA RBA Liaison