Friday, September 25, 2009

Challenging New Permanents!

Soak in this serene moment - and one of the few flat ones! - on the first wave of a raft of new Permanent Brevets now ready for your delectation! The Clear Creek Path is a tranquil, nearly flat sojourn on the way to Loveland Pass, Squaw Pass, or the Central City Parkway:

The biggest obstacle I have encountered on this stretch is when beavers had gnawed down trees which fell across the pathway. The other segments of these permanents will not be so tranquil:
  • Coffee Cup Classic - 340k - "Classic out-and-back that climbs from Superior to Copper Mountain Ski Area--with many possible stops along the way for coffee and pastry. Ride ascends Loveland Pass (11,990') twice and a pre-dawn start is advised!" - Catherine Shenk, organizer
  • Squaw Pass Scramble - 200km - "A hill-climber's delight, with 7-mile climb on Omigod Road, and views of the continental divide! Louisville to Golden, Echo Lake Park and back via the Peak to Peak."- CS, organizer
  • Central City Cutoff - 201km - "A challenging climbfest via Lookout Mtn., Central City, and the Peak-to-Peak Hwy." - John Lee Ellis, organizer
  • Aspirations Attaining Aspen - 601km - "A route through central Colorado that ascends several mountain passes including Loveland Pass (twice), Fremont Pass, Independence Pass, and Vail Pass." - CS, organizer

Some of these are only available seasonally. If you're interested in riding, contact the organizer - see the Colorado Permanents page.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plenty of Smiles on 9/19 Stove Prairie 200k!

There were plenty of smiles among the 16 riders who enjoyed a mild, cloudless day on the Stove Prairie Clockwise 200k. Leaves are just starting to turn in the foothills:

At least the smiles were breaking out after the succession of so-called 12% grades up to Stove Prairie (Jane Yant and Rob Whitley at Stove Prairie School):
Time to replenish those calories, electrolytes, and dessert ingredients as Sandy Pflug discusses polymer chains in sports supplements while displaying the helical motif atop a Hostess Cupcake:

... while Jane Yant shows some enthusiasm about her first 200k brevet:

Fred Hunley, Leslie Sutton, Irene Takahashi, and Brian Rapp formed a cohesive group in the best randonneur tradition up Stove Prairie, down Poudre Canyon, over Horsetooth, and on to the finish:
For Fred and Brian, this ride secured their Super-Randonneur status for 2009. Fred, from Midland, Texas, travelled far and wide, from the Rio Grande to the Pacific Northwest, for his Super-Randonneur series. We're pleased he chose our brevet to wrap things up!

This is our last brevet for 2009 - an appropriate bookend to the season, after starting with ice fog on the spring counterclockwise Stove Prairie 200k in April. The 2010 season is already in planning - join us then, and remember there are also quite a few Permanent Brevets you can ride between now and then to stay in shape!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DIY Headlight Mount!

Many randos like to tinker, and all like to be resourceful. Here's an idea that Mike Prendergast found that lets you do both:

Thanks, Mike!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Follow the Last Chance 1200k!

This year's Last Chance 1200k starts early Wednesday, September 9, with the largest field ever. You can follow their progress here and read event reports on the Last Chance blog. Thanks to Tim Feldman for posting both the rider progress and stories of interest!

Bonne route aux randonneurs/randonneuses!