Thursday, August 29, 2013

Riders Galore on the Glen Haven Gallivant 200k!

 Quite a good turnout for this challenging summertime 200k!
Here are some ...
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Richard Harris, Brendan O'Brien, Lloyd Jones, Satish Patki, Joshua King, and Mark Niedermeier.
... and some more ... 
Marty Medina, John Lien, Martha Pomares, and Pascal Ledru.
 Most riders stayed together in a cohesive group to Lyons, exchanging stories about their summer exploits.
Then it was on to the big climb up St. Vrain Canyon.  Newly-minted Super-Randonneuse Laurie Stanton looks at ease at the base of the climb. 
Camaraderie still prevails up the St. Vrain grades ...
Tom Knoblauch is clearly recovered from the Gold Rush Randonnée 1200k this summer ... and the night shift he just came off of to ride this mountainous 200k.
John Lien has ridden the Glen Haven Gallivant as a Permanent, and knows what to expect, including the cinnamon rolls!
There's plenty of work on the GHG, but also time to relax, such as at the Meeker Park Lodge control.  Paul Brown, Tom Knoblauch, and Pascal Ledru are taking advantage of the shady porch.
... as are Marty Medina and John Lien!
Paul Brown as always is keeping an eye on his overachieving wife Ronaele Foss, while enjoying the scenery.

Two weeks before, I was chatting with Paul at this very spot on the Peak-to-Peak 300k, and noticed this bird.  An expert (my wife Pat) pegged it as a white-breasted nuthatch, not a typical for this spot, and quite a handsome bird!
 Looks like a great day to climb Longs or Meeker, no thunderstorm threats in sight. 

On the porch of the Glen Haven General Store, Martha, John, and Richard look on as Tom makes a comment.  Is it about the delightful cinnamon rolls?
 Aside from Steller's Jays, Crows, and sparrows along the route, we're enjoying hummingbirds at Glen Haven.  This round dot perspective might be of a broad-tailed.
The plains miles were fine but toasty, as you can from the unzippered look favored by some of the finishers, still looking sharp!

Our friend Ronaele Foss zooms in looking fresh and energetic. She's clearly tuned up for the Last Chance 1200 only a few weeks away. Nice going, Ronaele!

I'm including this photo to highlight the nice, bright SCR jersey from my friend Lois Springsteen (Santa Cruz RBA) who shared the delightful (and much milder!) experience of the "Big Wild Ride" Alaska 1200k only three weeks before!

August is the time for some fun and some special projects.  The "GHG" 200k was certainly fun and I hope you're enjoying this time to stretch your legs!