Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Golden Gate Coal Creek Conniption 100k (perm route #4190)

This classic loop - climbing Golden Gate Canyon and descending Coal Creek, or the reverse - is now a 100km RUSA Permanent Populaire, the Golden Gate Coal Creek Conniption 100k.

Both canyon roads have the added bonus that they have climbing in both directions!

A bright start in Arvada ... this is a convenient location to start and also get snacks and beverages before and after the ride.

We are generally familiar with these canyon roads, so I'm not showing many images. These "stairs to nowhere" seemed photoworthy, though.

There are a couple of switchbacks towards the upper end of the canyon road, with good views looking downcanyon.

Possible checkpoint photo for the intersection of the Golden Gate Canyon road with Peak-to-Peak Highway. (Notice Hwy. 46 sign in background.)

Foliage just starting to turn here, at the high point, 9,300 ft. on this mid-September foray.

Sweeping views of the Front Range from this stretch of the Peak-to-Peak Highway!

The establishments at Rollinsville continue to spell jollity and fun.

Good checkpoint photo of junction with Coal Creek Canyon Rd.

As you climb the switchbacks towards Wondervu, very nice vistas!

Post-flood reconstruction has added a "climbing lane" of sorts for bikes for the few miles up to the canyon store. That's a help.

Then past the railroad underpass (a line you cross in Rollinsville, Cliff, exiting the canyon, and then on Hwy. 93) the road broadens out, pointed towards a view of downtown Denver.

A final geological treat is the hogback on Leyden Road as you leave Hwy. 93.

Old 93 used to hug the western flank of this hogback before being rerouted. You can see two previous alignments to the east of the current highway.

And then it's on to a serene finish through shady neighborhoods in Arvada!