Monday, April 11, 2016



Paul Foley was gracious enough to lead the 122km Horsetooth Hop Populaire on April 3. Here is his report!

After a series of wintery storms to close out March, the April riding season started with a glorious bluebird day for twenty one riders on the Horsetooth Hop Popular.

The fresh snow on the mountains helped to highlight the deep blue sky, and enticed the group as we headed west through Loveland on 1st street.  Early on, the group road together, but slowly separated as we headed north toward Masonville.
Naturally the steep but short hills around Horsetooth Reservoir helped to separate the group.

During a short break to assist a fellow rider, John Mangin successfully completed a surprise, but completely voluntary, “Doping control” and was allowed to continue on his way without further detention.

As usual, Vern’s in LaPorte provided a wonder respite.  Although the crowd on non-cyclists was larger than usual, it was nice have a chance for a little regrouping before heading north to the cement plant and then turning east.

The trip east and then south towards Windsor saw the wind start to pick up, although it still remained rather mild.  We again took a short break in Windsor before climbing “Mount Windsor” and passing the “Crazy”Cow Dairy which, according to John Mangin, has the best cheese curds west of Wisconsin.
Although a few soft fluffy clouds could be seen in the late afternoon, the ride finished with the same glorious weather with which we started.  All in all, an outstanding day of riding to entice one for another exciting season ahead.