Saturday, February 10, 2018

Colorado Rando Awardees - 2017 Round-Up!

Here are Colorado randos who've earned RUSA and ACP awards in 2017.

For most, you need to apply to be recognized, but you don't need to purchase the physical award. What's important is the goal and the accomplishment. For some, the physical award adds a nice momento.

Some are challenges within the current year. For others, you are allowed multiple years to earn. Others recognize achievement over a number of years.

We congratulate all these fellow randos for their persistence in achieving their goals!

You can see our cumulative awardees across the years here:
Super Randonneur · R-12/P-12 · R-5000 · Others

One-Year Awards
ACP Super Randonneur
American Randonneur  
Multi-Year Awards
ACP Randonneur 5000
Ultra Randonneur
Ultra R-12
American Explorer
other awards not covered here
RUSA Distance Awards
K-Hound, Ultra K-Hound
Ultra P-12

Super Randonneur
Complete brevets of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km in one year.
† For our tally, you can substitute longer distance brevets.

Chris Baker
John Lee Ellis
Scott Griffith 
Nate Hartokolis
Oksana Kovalenko
Pascal Ledru
Beth Long
John Mangin
Mateo Ramos
Brent Myers
Ray Rupel
Jason Turner
Corinne Warren

Complete a 200km or longer RUSA ride in each of 12 consecutive months.
[1] means first-time R-12 awardee!

Diane M Benoit [1]
John Lee Ellis
Paul A Foley
Catherine Shenk
Bennett Sigmond [1]
Henry Snaveley
Mike Turek
Earl Paul TeBockhorst [1]
Corinne Warren

Ultra R-12
Complete ten R-12's (need not be contiguous).
* 120 consecutive months

Catherine Shenk *

Ride a 100km to 199km RUSA ride in each of twelve consecutive months.

John Lee Ellis

ACP Randonneur 5000
Ride 5000km in events including Paris-Brest-Paris, a Flèche, and 200km, 300km 400km, 600km and 1000km brevets within 48 months. (An Audax Club Parisien award, not RUSA.)

Paul Foley
Mike Turek

And now for RUSA awards that randonneurs can work towards over multiple years ...

American Explorer
Cover at least ten different U.S. states and territories on RUSA rides.
New to the American Explorer award:

Beth Long (10)
Brent Myers (10)

Complete at least one of each type of RUSA event, accumulating at least 5000km over a two-year period.

Paul Foley

Ultra Randonneur
Complete ten Super Randonneur series over any number of years.

Vernon Smith

Coast to Coast
Complete four different RUSA 1200km or longer events over any number of years.

— none new in 2017 —

Complete 40,000km in RUSA rides - a lifetime achievement award.

— none new in 2017 —

American Randonneur Challenge
Complete two or more RUSA 1200km or longer events in one season.

— none new in 2017 —

Courtesy Randonneurs USA

A Final Thought

RUSA has created these awards over time to give you more and more diverse goals to shoot for. Maybe you don't have the personal time to achieve K-Hound mileage, but have the grit to complete an R-12 ride each month for a year in hot and cold, sun and snow.

Set your own goals, and let your imagination and determination be your guides!

You can find details on each of these awards via the RUSA Awards page
including all those who've applied for recognition.

Bonne route!