Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plenty of Smiles on 9/19 Stove Prairie 200k!

There were plenty of smiles among the 16 riders who enjoyed a mild, cloudless day on the Stove Prairie Clockwise 200k. Leaves are just starting to turn in the foothills:

At least the smiles were breaking out after the succession of so-called 12% grades up to Stove Prairie (Jane Yant and Rob Whitley at Stove Prairie School):
Time to replenish those calories, electrolytes, and dessert ingredients as Sandy Pflug discusses polymer chains in sports supplements while displaying the helical motif atop a Hostess Cupcake:

... while Jane Yant shows some enthusiasm about her first 200k brevet:

Fred Hunley, Leslie Sutton, Irene Takahashi, and Brian Rapp formed a cohesive group in the best randonneur tradition up Stove Prairie, down Poudre Canyon, over Horsetooth, and on to the finish:
For Fred and Brian, this ride secured their Super-Randonneur status for 2009. Fred, from Midland, Texas, travelled far and wide, from the Rio Grande to the Pacific Northwest, for his Super-Randonneur series. We're pleased he chose our brevet to wrap things up!

This is our last brevet for 2009 - an appropriate bookend to the season, after starting with ice fog on the spring counterclockwise Stove Prairie 200k in April. The 2010 season is already in planning - join us then, and remember there are also quite a few Permanent Brevets you can ride between now and then to stay in shape!


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