Monday, October 25, 2010

Boston-Montreal-Boston Permanent in 2011!

Boston-Montreal-Boston was America's first 1200k.  From 1988 through 2006 it attracted many an avid rider, up for the challenge of Mount Terrible, Andover Ridge, and Middlebury Gap.  As a three-time finisher, I can attest to the "charm" of the route.

BMB is now offered as the BMB Permanent.  So far one rider has completed it (solo!).  Next August - about the time BMB was normally held - our friend and BMB veteran Susan Plonsky is planning on riding the Permanent.  She invites others to apply to the Permanent Owner (Jennifer Wise, former BMB event director) to ride the Permanent at the same time. 

Though permanents can be ridden at any time (at the route owner's discretion) there are advantages to starting with a group. For example, you may find compatible partners to ride with, and group hotel rates can be arranged.

Just after topping Middlebury Gap near sunset on the first day of BMB'06.  Here are some accompanying photos.

Susan has created a blog with lots of info about BMB - the historical event and the permanent - and a way for interested riders to sign up and to communicate.


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