Saturday, February 15, 2014

Carter Lake Cake Walk Permanent #999

To me, riding a permanent in February is the most difficult month to complete such a ride.  With February being the shortest month of the year,  coupled with unpredictable weather leaving the roads marginally passable, work schedules, and most importantly family commitments, it is a challenge to one's dedication and perseverence.

I was able to complete the Carter Lake Cake Walk on February 8th despite predominantly wet sandy roads, while other roads had large snow packed segments.  At times, I was wishing I had ridden my Surley snow bicycle.

Although this was my second slowest 200K ride ever, I was quite pleased to now be a quarter of the way to an R-12 award on my third attempt at this award.  I marvel at those who have strung together multiple consecutive R-12 awards, which I consider a truly remarkable achievement!!

Eldorado Springs was cold in the morning shadows.

Road 29 was washed away by last Fall's flooding (note missing road prior to left side of bridge) requiring a detour to Masonville.

The northern most point of the ride was at least sunny, and NOT the snowiest point of the ride.

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