Thursday, March 19, 2009

RUSA Distance Award lifts Permanents limit

The RUSA Board has removed the limitation that a given Permanent could only be ridden once per year for Distance Award credit.

In the formative days of the Permanents program, the Board wanted to encourage a variety of permanents in an area, and encourage riders to take advantage of this variety. Permanents have in fact proliferated, and we continue to see healthy growth.

Today Permanents are an important vehicle for achieving the R-12 (as well as Distance Awards). That, and it's now typical for a small groups of acquaintances to ride a Permanent together, adding to the camaraderie and mutual support towards at-times tough goals such as the R-12. So we hope that by removing this limitation, riders won't have to choose between Distance Award credit vs. riding with and supporting their friends who are doing a Permanent he/she has ridden already.

Any questions, let me know. In the meantime, happy riding!


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