Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/25 Stove Prairie 200k - A Bracing Adventure!

Preliminary report - stay tuned for more details and photos ...

The forecast wasn't great - some drizzle and a shower or two, highs in the 50's. But that was overly optimistic! Instead, riders got temps in the 30's-40's, blowing fog and drizzle, and ice-coated pine needles at the high point. 19 riders started, a third of the normal turnout, and 17 finished. The climb past Horsetooth dam #1 just disappears into the cloudbank:
Poudre Canyon was serene and almost traffic-free, dry and with a big tailwind. You can see the clouds we're about to climb up into. Peter Hoff sails up Poudre Canyon:
The final mile of the climb up to Stove Prairie was in a dense fog with a fierce headwind. One had to envision the sweeping curve of that section by memory - you could only see a few feet ahead. Paul Brown offers water and muffins to Stephen Whiteman:

... and randonneur-ready Todd LeBlanc summits the big climb:

Our gracious volunteer Paul informed us it was 33º - thanks, Paul! The pine needles above the Stove Prairie School sign were coated with ice, which pecked at us as the wind blew them off:

Everyone can be proud of a good effort and pleased with the extra-credit challenge (above and beyond the stiff climbs) this edition of the Stove Prairie offered us! PBP and Last Chance 1200k finisher Marcia Kestner might agree:


  1. Does anyone have a reading on total climbing from yesterday's ride?


  2. 6,900 ft. by one account. (I think this was Peter Hoff's measurement.)