Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kersey Kick 200k - Rain Mainly Not on the Plain!

A drizzly start and gloomy skies did not deter 23 riders from gearing up and heading out on the first ACP event of the season!

"Foon" Guard-Dog Feldman stays out of the mist and keeps a close watch on the supply of brevet cards:
Guest Carola Berger from Boston takes time off from a conference on subatomic particles to stretch her legs.

Despite the soggy prognosis, the roads quickly dried out as we headed away from the foothills, and things even brightened a degree or two. After a top-notch burrito at the Kersey stop, riders were in for a nice quartering tailwind (not the norm!) heading back, and only encountered showers on the approach into Louisville.

Andrea Koenig, Tim "Foon" Feldman, and Peter Hoff at the finish:

Rob Pogorelz (so fast he's already changed into comfy-ware), Paul Foley, Catherine Shenk, and Vernon Smith - happy despite just enough rain to dirty up the bikes:

Join us next time for more of a sundrenched ride, but no less rewarding!


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