Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interesting Rando Blogs - Have a look!

It's a big randonneuring world. I have added a list ("Interesting Rando Blogs") to the right. ->

It's a sampling of entertaining / thought-provoking randonneuring-oriented blogs. Dive into the diversity in opinions, perspectives and rides! For starters:

  • The Daily Randonneur - Ed Felker (DC Randonneurs), with contributions from his tandem partner (and now wife) Mary Gersema.

  • Research Trailer Park - Mike Dayton (NC Bicycle Club, and RUSA VP) - "Life and Randonneuring in the Tarheel State" (This is a play on Research Triangle Park, a high-tech enclave in the Raleigh-Durham area.)

  • Alaska Randonneurs - Kevin Turinsky (Anchorage, AK RBA)

  • Mark's Rando Notes - Mark Thomas (Seattle International Randonneurs president, former RUSA president)
Have a favorite to suggest? Let me know!


1 comment:

  1. As long as you asked...

    For wry humor and sage advice, how about Doc Codfish (

    One I just found and like alot for the great YouTube finds and different take on things is Faux Plat (

    Then there is SubterraneanHomesickRandonneurBlues( Good humor again, sweet, plenty of photos, life beyond cycling...all things I value.

    Dig poetry? Spokesong (

    There are lots others I like and link to that I haven't mentioned here, but Kent's Bike Blog (, of course, is classic though not rando-focused.

    Another is 449km ( Packed with good info.

    I'll bet your sorry you asked now!