Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eric Simmons Rides the Sydney-Melbourne 1200k!

Earlier today (well, yesterday our time), our friend and randonneur par excellence Eric Simmons pushed off on Audax Australia's Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200. Perhaps the most visually interesting and certainly the most topologically challenging of the 1200k's Down Under, Eric has been eager to gear up for this one.

You may have encountered Eric two months ago on the Last Chance, ladling out his delicious pasta salad (as you see in this photo) or orange broth at the Byers control; or ridden with him on any number of brevets or permanents; or been fortunate enough to ride the Flèche on his Team Falcon.

For event updates and to follow rider progress, look to the left on the above webpage. We wish Eric all the best (or some suitable aussie expression probably involving "crikey!").


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  1. Hi, Some of us are running a Google Wave for the Sydney-Melbourne 1200 if anyone wants to drop in and has access to Google Wave.

    The wave is at!w%252Bfccvx6uwE

    Safe Riding