Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Neighboring Early Season Brevets!

Thinking about riding one or more early-season brevets in milder climes? A few local riders have mentioned they might try some Arizona Brevets.

Susan Plonsky, Arizona RBA, puts on excellent events and will keep you on your toes. Reports are that these brevets make up in wind what they may not offer in climbing. Here is Susan's photo of the Casa Grande Ruins, theme of her 200k on January 2:

Dick Wiss for one is planning on doing the early Arizona series and spending extra days there besides. If you're interested in hooking up with Dick or others, you can reply to this post with your contact info. To chat about it, you can use the Colorado Perm Riders Google group.


P.S. This is not to single out one neighboring region over another. Local riders have quite enjoyed Lone Star Randonneurs events, and they're starting early, too (New Year's Day, to be precise)!

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