Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Biggest, Toastiest 1000k Yet!

This was probably our toastiest 1000k yet, with temps the first day topping out at 102 degrees. The nearest competition would be from Jack Herrick's inaugural 2001 solo 1000k, with similar temps. Jack said he only hoped a thunderstorm would wend its way in his direction.

Rod Geisert from Columbia, Missouri, takes cranial refuge from the heat.

But this time around, unlike Jack's solo ride, misery had company, with a record eleven riders (and an amazing nine finishers!). Yet if you look at the finish line photos below, these folks look pretty cheery!

Dave Meridith, accomplished ultracyclist from Utah, finished in good form:

Meanwhile, Jeff Erickson from Arlington, Virginia is relaxed and refreshed after a good night's sleep ... because he finished the day before! Eric dodged the full impact of the heat by riding through the nights. Pretty sneaky!

And our local ex-triathlete-turned-rando phenom, Ray Rupel, did just fine, thank you, finishing before dawn on the final day.

Steve Le Goff was happy to finish his first 1000k (or is it the cupcake?), egged on here by wife and RAAM-finisher Michelle Grainger whom circumstances prevented from doing this ride.

Todd LeBlanc reflects with Steve at the finish after his first 1000k ... but not his longest randonnée, which would be the Last Chance 1200k last year:

Mark Gunther from San Francisco says it all with his good-natured attitude, which he showed throughout the ride, and the satisfaction of a voluminous brevet card all filled out:

Check out Mark's ride report and Dale Brigham's ride report.

A special thanks to everyone who signed up to do this big ride, persisted through the climbs and endured the heat! Results in the usual spot.

- john lee

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