Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Perm Route #932

View from Glenwood Canyon bike path

As a number of you prepare for the epic 1200K Last Chance this is to announce a new ride for your pleasure. This will come in the form of a free route perm called the Rocky Mountain High #932. It is a fun filled point to point route from Grand Junction to Denver and is designed to go from Amtrak stations in Junction to Denver. All told this is 261 miles/ 420km with questionably 14,000 ft of climbing.

Spencer Klaussen of KC has been the inspiration for this ride with his use of Amtrak to get to the ride starts. The days journey puts a rider in GJ around 5 PM just in time to get started.

Using Hwy 6 this parallels I70 the whole distance. At 150 miles the climbing starts at Vail to then goes over Loveland at 202 miles. The Baker trail is now completed from the base of Loveland which keeps one off I70 for that fast descent with the trucks. At this point descending to Denver is great but not without some annoying climbs with dead legs. Finishing up at Union Station was great. We just wish that we had the strength to do this in the 28 hours allowed but we layed up for needed rest in Vail the night before. At this point even without stopping there was no way the two of us could have made it.
Brent and Beth

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