Wednesday, December 8, 2010

John Klever Polishes Off His R-12!

On a WINDY December 2nd, John Klever completed the twelfth and final month toward his RUSA R-12 award

Here is John at the pre-dawn start of the Kersey Kick 206km Permanent with two-time R-12 awardee Leslie Sutton:

John's January 200k, also a Kersey Kick, was his longest ride ever (I think), and first RUSA ride of any distance.  He followed this up not only with a randonnée per month but longer distances - to see how far he would get. "How far" ended up being the Super Randonneur award: 200km, 300km, and 400km and 600km brevets in one season.

John joins this year's other first-time R-12's: Mike Fox, Steve Le Goff, Michelle Grainger, Tammie Nakamura, Irene Takahashi, and Jane Yant.   Have a look at the complete list.

Congratulations to John and all this year's R-12's!  Will you be next?


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