Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New RUSA Award - the P-12!

RUSA has a new award: the P-12. Modeled after the alluring and successful R-12, it requires you to ride a sub-200km randonneuring event in each of twelve consecutive months. Rationales for this award include:
  • a way to interest riders just moving up to the endurance level, whether young or old;
  • a goal for those living in quite wintry climates;
  • yet another goal for veteran randonneurs, who may use it to hook more novice riders into the rando experience by cajoling them into riding with them!
Plenty of time to pause and appreciate the roadside attractions last month on the Lyons-Berthoud Bump-Along Permanent Populaire:

Locally, there are three Populaires on the 2011 Colorado Brevets schedule, and a single Permanent Populaire.  More Permanent Populaires could be in the wings.

Who comes up with these ideas anyway?  In this case, we have RUSA member #7 and former RUSA president Mr. Bryant to thank.

The P-12 -- something to think about?


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