Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RUSA Offers PBP-Conformant Vest!

RUSA is offering a PBP-conformant vest via the RUSA Store.  Deadline to order is May 15.  This is the same model from the same (European) manufacturer as the ACP is using for their PBP vests. 

With the ACP vest, you get the ACP/PBP logo.  With the RUSA vest, you get a chance to try it out this summer before the event, or to order one without going to PBP. 

A number of us tried on vest samples at least weekend's Drake Doubleback 200k.  Here I am wearing the size Small.

The sizing is "roomy" (and unisex) so Small is fine for me, as you can see.  Plenty of room for more clothing underneath.  It would be snug to wear a hydration pack underneath, though, but would be ok to wear the hydration pack outside because the reflective strips on the back would be still be visible.

This is a polyester fabric vest, so it is ok in mild weather, but could be a bit toasty in warm conditions.  It seems well-made.  It is not ultra-compact to fold up (as one would expect with a cloth vest), but ok.


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