Friday, May 20, 2011

Prep for 1200k's + PBP Primer = Food for Thought!

Our good friend Susan Plonsky, Arizona RBA, has published a couple of helpful documents on her website - along with her personal insights training for Boston-Montreal-Boston(s):

How to Peak for Your Randonnee by Jeb Stuart - Ever wonder what to do in the month or two leading up to a 1200k grand randonnée or other peak event?  Jeb's advice is based on his elite coaching background.  You'll see some common themes with John Hughes, Michelle Grainger, and other knowledgeable coaches.  Even the veterans among us may take some good reminders away.

Paris Brest Paris: What to Know Before You Go by Tom Baker - Lots of pictures and detail about what venues look like, the specific challenges that PBP uniquely offers, and a number of great tips.

Have a read!


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