Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Frosty Pre-Solstice Kersey Kick!

On the Saturday before Winter Solstice, I joined John Klever, Leslie Sutton, and Tammie Nakamura for a scenic but frosty Kersey Kick 200k.

This ride was particularly festive because it capped John Klever's second R-12 award - congratulations John!

It's all smiles as we head east, facing the sun.

There hasn't been much of a thaw in the weather, so what Plains snows we've had haven't melted off, making for a blanket of white.

Temps bottom out at around 14ºF around Firestone.  This may be a personal best icicle count while riding!

On a mesa above the chilly valley air, Leslie stops for a sandwich.

And everyone relaxes around the Kersey store's randonneurs' dining table.

One thing you can count on, as Tammie points out: 14 miles uphill into the wind from Kersey to Hudson.

It's been chilly, topping out in the 40's, but lots of scenic views, too.

And now it's a race with the setting sun on to the finish of another bracing ride.

Thanks to John, Leslie, and Tammie for some great, upbeat company!


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