Friday, February 10, 2012

Colorado High Country 1200 Registration Underway!

The second edition of the Colorado High Country 1200 is now open for registration.  This year we introduced a two-week pre-registration period, with a lottery at the end. 

Pre-registration ended January 31 and seemed to work well, avoiding the angst and trepidation to see who had the fastest trigger finger the moment registration was open.

The lottery was carried out by veteran CHC volunteer Patricia Heller, who duly randomized the numbered snips of paper, appropriately in an empty nutritional drink bin:

Each snip was carefully removed and recorded ...

... under the watchful gaze of selection monitor Buster the Dog:

The good news is that, if CHC and Last Chance history is any guide, everyone among the pre-registrants who is in a position to ride will be able to - as well as others who register later. 

And ... there may be possibilities for a pre-ride.


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