Monday, April 9, 2012

Michelle Launches the Carter Lake Casual 101k Perm!

New RUSA Permanent Owner Michelle Grainger launched her perm owner career by riding her Carter Lake Casual 101km Permanent Populaire with some friends on Easter Sunday.  

Michelle did an inspiring job orienting the start/finish control staff as to what to expect as Perm riders show up asking them to sign their cards. 

At Lyons, Steve Le Goff demonstrates that it's old hat for them, as the Diamond Shamrock is a control for multiple permanents and brevets, and store staff pleasantly greet our arrival and purchase of calorific fare.

After a tailwind-buoyed climb up the Carter Lake switchbacks, Steve and I enjoy the smooth pavement and maritime views above the reservoir.

Surprisingly, the Marina Store was open, and offered a friendly welcome.

This a great time of year - winter and spring - for a Carter Lake ride, as it's very quiet, only a couple of sailboats, and the climbs are in the sun.

Easter wouldn't be complete without a farmyard display of farmer bunnies and giant colored eggs!

Michelle provided her own Easter treat to each rider, in the form of sugar-laden edible creatures.

Michelle says: "Yay to the group that came on my inaugural Easter day Carter Lake Casual Populaire.  I have to say, I had no idea what went into becoming a Permanent Route Owner. There is a certain amount of attention to detail that needs to go into a new route, as it is very easy to leave out things that someone not familiar with the area would miss. I have a great amount of respect for Permanent route owners and for the overseer-of all-things-perfect RUSA Permanents Coordinator Crista Borras (aka The Permanista). Thank you to Catherine, John Lee and Crista for all of your help!"

And thank you, Michelle, for putting together a new route for riders.  Michelle may just have a few other perms up her sleeve, so stay tuned!


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