Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rabbit Mountain Romp - Two Seasons in One!

The weather forecasts differed as to when the snow would move in.  I decided to ride as much of the Rabbit Mountain Romp perm populaire in dryness as I could.  Maybe starting off early, one could beat the prognostications?

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Nice start to the day, with downslope winds in Louisville pegging temps into the 50's - the highest temps of the day, it turned out.

Heading SW on Marshall Rd., you can see the rainbow just above Eldorado Springs, where I am heading, heralding some foothills precip spilling over with the front passage.  No big deal, just some damp roads.

It clouds up but dries out.  I am having a good ride, but thinking of friends Steve and Michelle and their balmy "Carter Lake Casual" perm populaire midweek when it was sunny and in the 70's.
The climb up and descent down Rabbit Mountain were graced with light sprinkles.  Not a big deal.  Bracing.

After a pause in the action, the sprinkles turned to sleet, which started to sting as the wind picked up.  Invigorating.
Only the last half hour did things turn really wet, with some snow moving in and slush on the roads.  You can see the gelatinous buildup on my shoes and shoecovers.

I began to lose gears as ice built up on gear teeth, causing the chain to skip.  Fortunately there were one or two gear combos left to make it in to the finish.

The snow-encrusted Green De Rosa gets the last word, always happy to be out on the road, whatever the circumstances!

Enjoy your late-autumnal adventures!

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