Friday, January 18, 2013

A Crisp Start to the New Year!

It's a new year, and a number of you have already found a good day for a 200k, despite the cold snaps!
On January 5, both Cathy Cramer and I rode the Platteville Poke-Along.  Clear roads, but a crisp start at 16º!

The ditches are empty of water, but a dusting of snow chronicles critter perambulations:
Great views of the Front Range across fields getting just enough moisture for winter crops.
Longs and Meeker clearly visible on this brilliant day!
The reservoir near Masonville has finally frozen over, with the illusion of capturing a wave in mid-crest.
Snowy fields near Hygiene as the sun dips behind one of the few cloud slivers of the day.
Dodd Reservoir pretty quiet, a contrast to hundreds of Canada Geese (and some Cackling Geese) only a month before.
Sheep safely graze on bare pasture outside Boulder, as the sun sets over the Flatirons.
A nice ride ... and the next day?  A change of pace, on the ski trails!
The good news in Colorado is that even with crisp temps, we have a lot of sun to cheer us up.
Happy riding in the new year!

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