Thursday, June 19, 2014

Platteville - Poudre Canyon Pre-Ride

On June 1, I pre-rode the Platteville - Poudre 400k route.  For those who rode the Poudre 400k or 600k in May, the differences are we head first to Platteville, and go only halfway to Rustic in Poudre Canyon, as it is busier this time of year than in May.

The jaunt to Platteville is a fairly easy, quick segment.  We're taking Rd. 2 / 168th St. east of I-25 and headng north on Rd. 19.  Had very light agriculture and oilfield traffic on my ride.

Heading up Rd. 38 from Platteville
 It's a nice time of day on the county roads out east.

Pelicans on Rd. 13
 And great vistas of rolling fields with the snowy Indian Peaks as backdrop.

Indian Peaks from Rd. 11.
Poudre Canyon was very quiet on my ride, but the water was too high for rafting. 

One of the new, big culverts in Poudre Canyon.
Poudre Canyon is beautifully green at this time of year. 

The water levels may have come down some, but should be a good flow with spring runoff.

High water in Poudre Canyon.
The artwork/graffiti on the big boulder on US-287 rotates on a frequent basis: 

At Windsor, I had to detour because the southbound roads were flooded, but waters have receded since.

Sunset on Rd. 7
A tranquil home stretch heading back to Boulder County. 

Rd. 7 near Rd. 8 (Erie Parkway)
This was a pretty serene course.  I enjoyed it.


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