Thursday, July 2, 2015

Two Dozen Super Randonneurs so far for 2015!

Now that our spring brevets are behind us, 25 local riders and one visitor have qualified for the ACP Super Randonneur award, for finishing 200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k brevets in the same year:

RUSA#Rider      RUSA#Rider
7409Albershardt, Andy9094Ledru, Pascal *
1557Brining, Doug *2145Long, Beth
5897Cramer, Cathy6026Lowe, Mark
153Ellis, John Lee1679Mangin, L. John
2434Flanigan, John2129Myers, Brent
1471Foley, Paul10610Nelson, David *
1167Gooch, Terri3112Rupel, Ray
5417Grainger, Michelle1842Smith, Vernon
7751Griffith, Scott8Springsteen, Lois **
9962Haugen, Timo *9878Stiasny, Eric *
9592Hulett, Jeffrey8564Stanton, Laurie
5418Le Goff, Steve10173Turek, Michael *
9603Fraser, Malcolm *7898Warren, Corinne

* First-time Super Randonneur    ** Visitor

Some riders completed their series with brevets elsewhere. Congratulations to our Super Randonneurs!

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