Monday, December 26, 2016

Grand Randonnée Round-Up for 2017!

With the snow flying outside, it's time to ponder and plan your big ride(s) for 2017!

Only three US organizers have 1200k's on tap for 2017:
On the plus side, these are all veteran events, and have been touted as good first-time 1200k's. The Gold Rush and the Last Chance are the second and third oldest US 1200k's, after Boston-Montreal-Boston.

North of the border, Ontario Randonneurs is organizing their
As per their online write-up, riders will experience such features as the Niagara Escarpment, the Canadian Shield, Georgian Bay, and Lake Ontario.

Further afield, see the Randonneurs Mondiaux calendar for other 1200k and longer Grand Randonnées worldwide, 46 events in all!

Some awards for extra motivation:

The Gold Rush Randonnée, organized by the Davis Bike Club, heads north from Davis into the high plateau of NE California.  The first and final 100 miles are flat (Sacramento Valley), but there's lots of climbing and scenery in between.  Deluxe volunteer support. My report from the previous GRR (2013).

The Last Chance is rolling, open, and expansive, with panoramic views unencumbered by woods or canyons. There are some flat sections, but not as many as you'd think ("fewer flat miles than the Gold Rush"). The wind can be your constant companion. This year we are adding a foray along quiet roads into Nebraska. An evocative pioneer experience. My Photomontage (2006)

The Taste of Carolina in the fall, and Carolina Spring 1200 in the spring, vary their routes from year to year. You may get a taste of the Piedmont foothills, the Blue Ridge, and the coastal plain.  

Lots of possibilities to challenge you in 2017.  So start imagining and planning!


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  1. Beth and I will be volunteering for this great event. Let's have fun in supporting the riders as only RMCC can do. Join us in September either riding or helping