Sunday, November 11, 2018

A summery recollection ... and a look forward!

As we enjoy today's second snowfall of our season ...

Pat Heller at Walden Ponds Wildlife Area today

... let us think back a couple months to when our challenges were different!

Sunrise over Olde Stage Road on an August morning, 6:45 am

Haystack in the background

On that day, there were more riders than usual so early, plying Lefthand Canyon and Olde Stage Road, just to beat the heat!

Those days will return ... no doubt with a prelude of blustery spring weather.

Of course for some us it was not a snowy day but a suntan!

Paul Foley and Vernon Smith
at Key West on the finish of the Tip to Tail Florida 1600k.
Congratulation, Paul and Vernon!

Good riding and good training to everyone!


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