Monday, April 6, 2020

PBP'19 - Some Stats

Some Stats and Comments

PBP'19 had the largest field of riders ever. Yet that was hard to tell as you biked down the road or went through the checkpoints. The event was just as manageably orchestrated as usual.

Some stats courtesy of Mark Thomas: 
  • US finishing rate was 65.5%, slightly lower than the rainy, soggy PBP'07 (!).
  • RMCC finishing rate was 76.5%, third highest of US clubs with 10 or more riders.
  • Overall PBP finishing rates in recent years:
1991  79.9%
1995  83.1%
1999  83.3%
2003  85.0%
2007  69.9%
2011  81.2%
2015  78.6%
2019  68.2%

As I've said before, one thing remains constant: the amazing feat pulled off every four years by the ACP, their volunteers, and the towns along the route.

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