Sunday, December 25, 2022

Last Chance 2022 photos

 Riders at the 4:00 am start, Louisville, CO

John Lee Ellis, Osvaldo Colavin, Charlie Martin, Man-Fai Tam -- all members of the RUSA Web Team -- at event start

Bryson Strauss with curious rancher/cyclist east of Joes, CO - Bryson wrote one of the rider reports

Dang Dzung w/ volunteer Patricia Heller

Robert Newcomer at Anton, CO

Charlie Martin changing tube after thorn puncture

Charlie Martin discussing birds with volunteer Patricia Heller

Record high temps for this date here ...

It'll Do Motel, Atwood, KS

Dawn on Day 2, Atwood, KS

Brent Myers and Beth Long w/ Family Members, Atwood, KS

Charlie Martin at breakfast, displaying patched tube, after multiple thorn punctures

Beth Long managing rider check-ins in Atwood, KS

Undulating landscape in Kansas

Volunteer Debbie Bush with Roger Peskett

Gabrielle & Carl Andersen at pre-ride check-in

Gabrielle and Carl Andersen, with finishers' medals -- they wrote one of the rider reports

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