Saturday, December 9, 2023

Roggen Roundabout with Culinary Note

I had the good fortune to pre-ride the Roggen Roundabout 200k on a very pleasant day.  In fact not only was the weather pleasant; everyone from store clerks to truck drivers to a locomotive engineer were friendly.

On a culinary note, I verified that the Hudson Barn Store still offers a good variety of fried and otherwise cooked food, including this corn dog:

The staff at the Roggen store was as friendly as always, and remembers everyone from past brevets and permanents. And yes, as the window proclaims, they are still open.

My token calories there were this Snickers bar.

Heading northeast on I-76 I'd seen a long freight train stopped on the tracks. Fortunately, it wasn't blocking the road south from Roggen (which has happened before, on a 1000k).

But I got back to Keenesburg just as the freight train, now on the move, reached my crossing. However, the engineer gave a friendly wave.

Up Rd. 6, the Front Range presents a welcoming view!

And nearing Erie, the mountains are enveloped in a pre-evening haze, as the temperature drops. New green in the fields could be winter rye.

Roggen is always a nice getaway from the Front Range, and much of the distance is on very quiet roads. Bonne route to the riders on the official brevet!


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