Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super-Randonneur Jerseys!

Super-Randonneur (SR) status is a classic mark of accomplishment in randonneuring. There have been a number of local SR awardees over the years.

RUSA is now introducing a new, more visible way to commemorate your SR status - the RUSA Super-Randonneur jersey.
  • Jersey available later this year.
  • Design contest going on now, open to RUSA members.

Design Contest - Have a great design idea? Submit it by e-mail to in a PDF, JPG or TIFF format. Deadline is Feb. 1, 2009. But first check out the contest details.

SR Jersey - Riders who have completed a Super-Randonneur series (200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k brevets in one year) are eligible to purchase a jersey.

  • You can use an SR series from a past year.
  • RUSA Domestic brevets (not just ACP-sanctioned ones) count.
  • Longer events can be substituted (e.g., a 250km brevet for the 200k requirement, or a 1000k for the 600k requirement).

Earning SR Status using the Colorado Brevets - The 2009 schedule gives you several ways to earn the ACP SR award (based on ACP-sanctioned brevets) or qualify for a RUSA SR Jersey (as described above):

  • 2 ACP 200k's, 300k's, 400k's, and 600k's.
  • 3 ACP 1000k's (the 1000k doesn't count towards an ACP SR award) - This includes the Last Chance 1000k option.
  • 2 RUSA domestic 200k's.
  • The Last Chance 1200k of course.

So start making your riding plans, and if you have a design idea, send it in!


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