Sunday, January 18, 2009

Platteville Poke-Along

January 18 in Colorado USA. Platteville Poke-along Permanent. 200K. For route details visit: this link.

A group of us met for a fun 200K permanent ride called the "Platteville Poke Along."

I personally struggle agreeing to ride a route with the name "poke-along" in it. Seems there are many other possibilities for a name - the Platteville Plenty-o-time or the Platteville Pleasure Party.

Ok, Ok, we'll stick with the current name and by the way, this ride never seems poky once you get going.

A coldish start. Andrea and John to the Left and Leslie and Brent below

Do these people look poky to you? NOT!

Here are Brent and Beth.

After Platteville, which is the lowest point in the ride, things warmed up a bit. The layers went into the bags or back pockets.

Several of us are working on our R-12s. The R-12 is where you ride one 200K, or longer, a month for 12 straight months. It has to be a brevet so the Permanents are a good way to get in that 200K during the winter months. Some of us are repeats and doing it again.

A quick birthday picture taken at Masonville (yours truly). Plus, this photo proves we were there.

Leslie is always smiling! She makes it look easy.

Andrea cruises along,
The powerhouse tandem.

John, the ringleader, keeps us on task throughout the day.

A wanna-be brevet rider joins in for a portion of the ride.

We had a nice tailwind on the return.

Catherine, Andrea and John at the finish. Andrea's first finish in the daylight.

Great ride everyone! Looking forward to the next one.

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