Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roggen Roundabout 206K Permanent

Andrea and I hooked up for the Roggen Roundabout permanent. True, Saturday was the better day but we both wanted to get in a ride for the R-12 in Feb and this was one of my few openings for the month.

The Sunday forecast was for 10% snow. Looked to us like that would happen, but only in the mountains. So as we rode out in the morning we thought of all the bike riders who passed up a ride on this calm and warmish Sunday for a cold blustery ski.

Here you can see the clouds parked over the mountains to the west.

The first control is in Prospect Valley at the Sodbuster Cafe which is about 50 miles out. Note that if you are planning to ride this route you should stop in Hudson and get food at water.

Scenic ride!

Here's the Sodbuster. Yep, it's closed. Good thing we fueled up in Hudson! Next stop is Roggen.

Still very scenic. Not much to look at except for a couple signs now and then. Good training for the Last Chance, actually.

Still, the day was really sunny, so we are liking that.

Heading back we were treated to a slight tailwind and also to great views of Long's Peak

A fun ride and we're looking forward to the next one!

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