Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flèche Aspirants - Express Your Interest Here!

The 8th Colorado Front Range Flèche will be held the weekend of May 7th. If you are a team captain or forming a team, you need to have your completed application to me by April 15th - this includes your route (map and cue sheet with checkpoints), and roster of team members (more flèche info).

Interested in finding a team? Or in finding members for your team? This year you can do so by replying to this post: give your name, whether you're looking for a team or team members, way(s) for others to contact you, and any info you please about your riding style, social skills, and other pertinent data. This is only offered as a convenience to help flèche riders become aware of each other - you're on your own from there.

Team Deer With Headlights and Team Prairie Dog encounter each other at the finish line.

Last year saw more teams and more riders take part in this traditional spring 24-hour team event. Teams Prairie Dog, Deer With Headlights, Falcon, Antelope, and Painted Turtle will all testify it's quite the unique undertaking. Maybe this is your year to take the plunge!


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  1. Team Wanted: Tim "Foon" Feldman. New randonneur. SR series and grand randonee (Last Chance) in 2008. No previous fleches. Very experienced in group riding. Contact: timfeldman (at) mindspring (dot) com