Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dan and Mike Wander to Windsor

On Sunday, February 22, Bob Barday cajoled Dan Shields and Mike Fox into joining him on his R-12 ride, the Windsor Wanderer. Alas, Bob showed up in jeans, sans vélo, to wish the both of them well ... as he retired back to his sickbed, laid low by what appears to be an epidemic of chest cold and worse-than-that symptoms all around.

A mild, sunny day was forecast, but a bit of cloud cover put the kibosh on that. Cool temps alternated with frostier conditions as you dove into valleys and then climbed out of them. Here Mike (left) and Dan climb out of the South Platte Valley into warmer temps on their way to Hudson:

Mike sported true randonneuring gear, complete with a canvas handlebar bag. He used this bike on Paris-Brest-Paris 2003 ...

Some sun broke through between the pincer movement of high cloud from the Plains, and the Foothills lenticular "mountain shadow" cloud. Interesting to the meteoroligist, but maybe less so to the hapless randonneur. Here you see Longs and Meeker Peek in a sunnier moment above wheat stubble near Niwot:
All in all, an extended fun time was had by all!


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