Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6/20 600k - A Green Greeting to Summer!

A mild morning greeted the 600k contingent - 18 riders, a good turnout!

PBP ancien Dick Wiss (r.) chats with 600k rookie Todd LeBlanc (l.).

Soon it was time for the assembled multitude to be off , with Nate Dick in the lead:

While Saturday started off cloudy and a bit iffy, Sunday turned into a glorious first day of summer ... after a little fog. (Sunday photos courtesy of Michelle Grainger.)

After some burnoff ... ... things really started to perk up! A few puffy clouds hung above the Indian Peaks.
Here is Steve Le Goff patrolling the course. He and Michelle Grainger were riding the Kersey Kick 200k Permanent that day - perfect timing for checking on riders not quite as fresh as they, and lending an encouraging word. They saw almost half the field."Verdant" only began to describe the uncharacteristically rich green of the countryside.And streams and rivers like the South Platte were chock full of spring runoff.

All making for a great finish, as typified by new Super-Randonneur Todd LeBlanc! Congratulations to all the finishers, and especially the first-timers! The 600k is a significant leap. I have updated the Super-Randonneur award list (click Refresh if you don't see 2009 awardees). You still have a local qualifying brevet of each distance left in the season, in case you haven't completed all four. Check out the schedule!

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