Friday, February 19, 2010

New R-12 First-Timers!

As the flurries fall, it's great to see new faces in the R-12 pantheon. You earn the RUSA R-12 Award by riding a 200km-or-longer randonnée for twelve consecutive months. "It's harder than it looks!" is the common refrain from many R-12 awardees, on up to the president of RUSA.

It's even harder when you live where it's wintry in winter ... like Colorado! If you demur on that cold, windy weekend early in the month, you may be facing a late-month snow-flurry adventure! A special commendation, then, to these riders:
  • Steve Le Goff and Michelle Grainger (February)
  • Mike Fox (January)
  • Bob Barday (December)
Here are Steve and Michelle finishing off their Platteville Poke-Along permanent yesterday:

... while Mike Fox climbs Weld Co. Rd. 8 on his initial R-12 ride last February, the Windsor Wanderer:

... and last but not least, Bob Barday, dodging not snowflakes but raindrops in this photo (courtesy Philippe Battu) at Paris-Brest-Paris 2007:

These géants de la route join other local R-12 awardees. Crazy people or just very persistent? If nothing else, a 200k per month is great endurance conditioning, and a chance to ride with fellow all-season randonneurs. Tempting?

For now, helmets off to Steve, Michelle, Mike, and Bob!


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